Our Team

The development and continuous improvement of LAFEM ENGENHARIA’s professionals contribute to the company to offer the market a truly unique service, getting better with constant practices, such as:

• Training
• LAFEM’s culture induction programs
• Courses
• Forming new leaders
• Seminars
• Motivational actions / Celebration of special dates

Ernani Cotrim
Fernando Lima
Paulo Renato Paquet
Commercial Director
Roberto Seabra
Production Director
Karina Cavadas
Salvador Hernandez
Eduardo Gama
Alexandre Correa
Contract Manager
Andre Zajdenweber
Financial Manager
Andrea Duff
Budget Manager
Enio Brandão
Contract Manager
Jaqueline Duarte
Supply Manager
Sandra Souza
Planning Manager
Valéria Borges
Budget Manager
Fernando Cantarino
Project Coordinator
Monica Grelle
Project Coordinator
Aline Matos
Project Coordinator

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